Henry Edmundson, author of Tales from the Himalaya
Photograph: Connie Edmundson.

Born into a mountain-loving family, Henry Edmundson dreamed of going to the Himalayas since he was a young boy and was lucky to have that dream come true when, only nineteen years old, he was invited to join a climbing expedition to Kashmir. Since then and until this day, he has returned many times, to climb the peaks and more recently to trek almost the entire length of the Himalayas with his wife Connie.

Having kept diaries of these expeditions, he has been able to create a symbiosis between his own experiences and four aspects of the Himalayas that over the years have left their mark: the religion of Tibetan Buddhism, the forces of nature that created the Himalaya’s giant peaks, the turbulent politics of the region, and the impoverished society that manages to survive in the world’s highest habitat. The result is four books in one, each an historical narrative that leads the reader from centuries past to the present day, intertwined with Henry’s own personal experiences and observations.

Henry is a member of the Alpine Club and the Himalayan Club and is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. This is his second published non-fiction book. He resides in Cambridge, UK.

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