Selected maps of the Himalaya from the 11 that the book contains. For a full list of the book’s contents please see here.

Desideri’s Journey to Lhasa
Desideri’s Journey to Lhasa
The journey taken by the Jesuit missionary Ippolito Desideri to reach Lhasa, from September 24, 1714 to March 18, 1716. The roundabout itinerary may have been caused by a confusion between Srinagar, Kashmir and a similarly named town in Garhwal Himalaya, lying on a more direct route to Lhasa. His starting point in India was at the Portuguese colony of Goa on the west coast.
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Kashmir disputed territories map
The jigsaw of Kashmir
Today, Kashmir is divided by the Line of Control that separates Indian and Pakistani territories. Other contested areas are the Aksai Chin, claimed by India but occupied by China, and the Shaksgam valley, exchanged to China by Pakistan in return for other territory, but disputed by India.
Journeys described in the text include: (1) Zorawar Singh’s march on Leh, the capital of Ladakh, in 1835; (2) his march on Skardu, the capital of Baltistan, in 1840; (3) his ill-fated march on Tibet in 1841; (4) William Johnson’s journey to Ilchi in 1865; and (5) the Pakistani insurgents’ advance on Srinagar in 1947.
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Main ethnic groups in Nepal map
Main ethnic groups in Nepal
This ethnic map of Nepal is simplified to show the main groups. In reality, the nation hosts more than one hundred ethnicities, at least ninety languages and seven religions. The heterogeneous nature of the ethnic distribution posed a huge challenge to implementing a federalist structure for the nation’s government.
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